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  • Shipping labels via, PostNL,
  • Sendcloud, MyParcel, GLS & DHL
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How to connect with

You can seamlessly integrate your webshop with through Stockpilot. By connecting your webshop with Stockpilot, your inventory on will always remain up-to-date, orders will be automatically imported to a central location, and you can efficiently manage your delivery reliability with the track&trace integration.

In addition, within Stockpilot you can create “Shipping via” labels.

Furthermore, we offer the Fulfilment Manager for, which automatically switches to the inventory in your own warehouse as soon as your LVB (Logistics via Bol) inventory is depleted.

More about selling on

  • Selling on in the Netherlands and Belgium: With, you can offer your products to a large number of potential customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • 10 million visitors per month: attracts more than 10 million visitors every month, providing your products with significant exposure.
  • Low commissions: charges only 5-20% commission per sold product, allowing you to retain more margin.
  • Wide range of categories: You can sell almost any type of product on, ensuring there is always a category that fits your products.
  • Time-saving: With’s Logistics service, you can outsource the shipping process, saving you time and allowing you to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Accurate inventory management: With’s Fulfilment Manager, you always have an up-to-date overview of your inventory, ensuring that you never have to turn customers away due to lack of stock.
  • Supplier connection: As a supplier, you can make use of’s Supplier connection, which allows you to easily offer your products on the platform.

How do I connect my webshop to

Selling your webshop products on offers huge opportunities. is the most popular marketplace in the Netherlands with thousands of daily visitors. If you sell through multiple sales channels, such as your webshop and, you naturally want to ensure that your inventory is synchronized.

Inventory synchronization can be easily done with Stockpilot.

Connecting your account to Stockpilot is very easy because the API is integrated with Stockpilot with just a few clicks. You don’t need to install anything. Moreover, it is also possible to combine other marketplaces and webshops so that all your inventory levels are synchronized through Stockpilot. Experience the convenience and create a Stockpilot account in just a minute and start right away!

The integration not only saves you time (and money), but also a lot of unnecessary frustration in processing your orders. By displaying all information about your orders in one overview from your Stockpilot dashboard, you increase your insight and control over all your shipments.

How does the connection work?

You can easily connect your webshop to via Stockpilot. By running this connection through Stockpilot, you can be sure that inventory levels in your webshop and on are always up-to-date. All your orders from both sales channels are received in Stockpilot, giving you insight and control as a seller.

To establish the connection, you only need to copy the API keys from your seller account (Settings> API settings) to Stockpilot.

Then click on “Connect channel” and within a minute your products (and orders) will be loaded. Next, you can also connect your Shopify, WooCommerce webshop or other web store software to Stockpilot. Here you only need to enter the web address of your webshop in Stockpilot. You will be automatically redirected to a login page of your shop to grant Stockpilot access to your products and orders.

Are you curious about what else you can connect?

We are happy to think with you about how to make sales on multiple sales channels even easier and more integrated. Please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you!

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