Successfully selling in Germany: Top 5 e-commerce platforms of 2024

Considering expanding your e-commerce business to Germany? With its status as one of the most lucrative e-commerce markets in Europe, Germany should be high on your list. The big question is: how do you choose from the many marketplaces in Germany to offer your products? Stockpilot’s guide helps you get started!

#1. – The giant of German e-commerce

More than 70% of Germans have shopped at Amazon Germany. With monthly visits exceeding 90 million, it is a top destination for everything from electronics to clothing.


  • Massive Reach: Over 90 million monthly visitors.
  • User-Friendly Platform: With Stockpilot, you can easily synchronize your stock levels and manage orders from one dashboard, preventing over-selling.

#2. – The trusted marketplace is another major online marketplace popular in Germany, with more than 30 million unique visitors per month and a wide variety of products.


  • Wide Range of Products: From electronics to fashion.
  • Efficient Order Management: With Stockpilot, you can manage eBay orders and other sales channels from a single dashboard.

#3. – Fashion and lifestyle specialist

Otto is a German online marketplace specializing in fashion and lifestyle products, with over 20 million unique visitors monthly.


  • Niche Market: Ideal for fashion and lifestyle products.
  • Free Shipping: Within Germany, making it attractive to customers.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Use Stockpilot to keep your inventory and orders up-to-date.

#4. – The rising star

Kaufland is a rapidly growing online marketplace in Germany with over 30 million visitors per month.


  • Growing Platform: Great potential for new sellers.
  • User-Friendly: Connect your sales channel to Stockpilot for seamless order and inventory management.

#5. – The fashion expert specializes in fashion and shoes, with over 18 million unique visitors per month.


  • Specialization: Perfect for fashion and shoe sellers.
  • Free Shipping: Within Germany, a big plus for customers.
  • Integration with Stockpilot: Efficiently manage your Zalando orders.

Bonus tip

Social commerce has been growing rapidly since 2019 and is gaining momentum in the West. Sales channels like Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shops are worth exploring!


The German e-commerce market offers tremendous growth opportunities. Using platforms like Amazon, eBay, Otto, Kaufland, and Zalando, you can expand your reach and maximize your sales. With Stockpilot, you can efficiently manage your inventory and orders, ensuring smooth and successful operations. Try Stockpilot free for 14 days and discover how it can optimize your e-commerce business. No credit card required.

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