Streamline Your In-Store and Online Sales with Stockpilot’s Universal Barcode Support

Are you a retailer who sells mainly on your online channels but also has a physical store? Do you struggle to keep track of your inventory across all sales channels? Stockpilot has a solution for you.

Our latest update includes a new point-of-sale (POS) feature that works with any barcode, making it easier than ever to manage your inventory in real-time. No matter where you sell your products, you can now use Stockpilot to keep your inventory updated and accurate.

With Stockpilot, you can use the application on the counter and sell on all your online channels at the same time. This means you can focus on providing excellent customer service in your physical store, while also making sure your online sales are running smoothly.

The POS feature is especially handy for retailers who want to manage their inventory efficiently and effectively, without having to rely on multiple systems. With Stockpilot, you can manage all your sales channels from one centralized platform.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new feature! Upgrade to Stockpilot today and take control of your multi-channel inventory.

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