Inventory and Warehouse Management Software for Fulfilment Centers

Fulfilment centers play a crucial role in managing the supply chain for e-commerce businesses. Keeping track of inventory levels, managing orders, and ensuring timely delivery can be a complex and time-consuming process. This is where Inventory and Warehouse Management software comes in.

Introducing Stockpilot

Stockpilot is a cutting-edge software solution that gives fulfilment centers the power to streamline their operations and manage their inventory and warehouse more effectively. With Stockpilot, fulfillment centers can create a separate account for each customer (store) and provide them with a branded dashboard.

Branded Dashboards for Customers

The store can log in to their branded dashboard and add or manage sales channels, create replenishment orders, and keep track of their sales data. The fulfilment center will receive these replenishment orders and they can then easily book the received items in the system using a barcode scanner. The result is a more efficient and streamlined process that saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Streamlined Inventory Management

With Stockpilot, fulfillment centers and their customers can track their inventory levels in real-time, allowing them to quickly respond to changes in demand. This makes it easier to plan replenishment orders and ensures that the right products are in stock at the right time.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By providing customers with a branded dashboard, Stockpilot helps fulfillment centers to build stronger relationships with their customers. This improves the overall customer experience and can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.


In conclusion, Stockpilot is a powerful and flexible Inventory and Warehouse Management software solution that can help fulfillment centers to improve their operations and enhance their customers’ experience. With dashboards, and streamlined inventory management, Stockpilot is a must-have tool for any fulfillment center looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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