How to Ship a non Amazon Order with Amazon FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment enables you to offer your products worldwide and let Amazon take care of the order fulfillment process through their FBA program. This is a great way to offer your products worldwide with a fast and affordable delivery experience!

How it’s done
Creating a MCF order is very easy. You go to your Seller Central account and navigate to Orders and next you click on Create MCF Order. You’ll be navigated to a page where you can create and publish the order.

Screenshot from Amazon Seller Central menu

Once the order is published, Amazon will handle the order in their FBA warehouse.

More information about Amazon MCF fees and details are found on this page. Update: there is now an option available to sent your orders in a non-branded box. Read more about this on this forum page.

Automate the process
The option to let Amazon work as your fulfillment partner is great and all, but what if you have tens or maybe hundreds of orders a day? You don’t want to create them all by hand in your Seller Central right? And besides that, how do you handle the order on the sales channel where the orders are placed?

This is where Stockpilot comes in handy. With Stockpilot you can automate this process fully. First you connect your Amazon marketplace(s) and next the the sales channel(s) you want to forward your orders from – for example your Etsy store.

Once this is set up, you navigate to your sales channel that you want to forward from and on the top right corner, you click on Forward Orders. Here you choose Amazon MCF. When this is applied, Stockpilot will automatically distribute every order to Amazon and when the order status changes to Shipped, Stockpilot will notice this and completes the order – with tracking data, to the forwarded channel. It’s step by step explained on this help page.

As one of our customers puts it:

The use of Amazon MCF was a huge revenue booster for our eCommerce business.

We are located in the Netherlands and we ship throughout Europe from our own warehouse, but we could never properly sell in the US. You need fast and affordable shipping to start with.

When we came across Stockpilot it was a no-brainer. We already sold 100% FBA on Amazon US and started forwarding the orders from our Shopify store and our Etsy channel.

Sales skyrocketed immediately, without little to no effort!

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