Multichannel BigCommerce Integration

Expanding your business by exploring different sales channels is an essential growth strategy. Launching your very own online store is a crucial part of this process, and BigCommerce makes it effortless. It’s a free-to-use platform that is simple to set up. After you’ve prepared your WooCommerce store, integration with your online shop through Stockpilot is a breeze!

Stockpilot allows you to effortlessly connect with your BigCommerce store. Within a few uncomplicated steps, you’re linked. Stockpilot takes care of synchronizing your listings and orders, making management a centralized and streamlined process.

Adding more to this, Stockpilot not only simplifies the connectivity but also optimizes your e-commerce workflow. Once you’re set up, you’ll experience the ease of controlling multiple aspects of your online store from a single interface. Whether you’re updating listings, processing orders, or analyzing sales data, Stockpilot has got you covered. Diversifying your sales channels has never been this efficient or effortless!

Built-in features

  • Synchronize your inventory to avoid overselling across multiple sales channels.
  • Centralize the management of your listings.
  • Handle all aspects of order fulfillment – from picking to packing to dispatching – right from a single dashboard.
  • Generate a broad array of data reports to glean valuable insights into your revenue streams.

All-Inclusive Solution

Stockpilot is equipped with a suite of practical features.

Key Benefits

  1. Streamline your operations by forwarding orders from all supported marketplaces directly to your WooCommerce store.
  2. Quickly upload your products to BigCommerce using Stockpilot with just a few simple clicks.
  3. Manage and synchronize your inventory across platforms, ensuring accurate stock levels at all times.

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