A direct shipping integration with large shipping companies and Amazon as fulfillment partner

How convenient would it be to have a direct integration with the largest shipping companies such as PostNL, DHL, MyParcel, Sendcloud, and Bol.com? Stockpilot allows for a streamlined shipping process, all the way from the warehouse to the customer’s front door. Thanks to Stockpilot’s integrations, you’ll have an easy-to-navigate dashboard filled with all supplier info. 

In addition, Stockpilot creates a detailed overview of inventory levels, product info, reports, fulfillment of various sales channels, and much more. Companies often miss out on sales through specific sales channels while other sales channels still have plenty of inventory. By using Amazon as your fulfillment partner, this is a thing of the past.

Stockpilots advantages

  • Direct integration with the largest shipping companies
  • Streamlined process all the way to the customer’s front door
  • Unique Pick & Pack module for efficient work methods
  • Never miss another sale thanks to Amazon MCF
  • An up-to-date overview of all data
  • Process multiple orders in a row

Forward orders to Amazon MCF

Amazon as a fulfillment partner is the ideal solution to never miss out on a sale again. Orders are forwarded (if necessary and desired) to Amazon MCF’s sales channel. Thus, your entire inventory is always optimally utilized and you save drastically on costs. Never again will you have to sell “out of stock” to your customers because your inventory on a specific sales channel is depleted. With Amazon MCF, you enjoy higher customer satisfaction, more sales, and optimal use of your entire product inventory.

Always the right amount of inventory

Stockpilot automatically fills the shopping cart with just one simple click, using previous sales data. The smart A.I. makes a careful and accurate prediction to ensure your company always has the right amount of products available. Let Stockpilot’s warehouse management system do your work and stop running into any product shortages.

You’re also able to process multiple orders in large quantities at the same time. Export large quantities in a single PDF file, allowing you to conveniently print all shipping labels one after another.

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