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The company’s most important data in one place: sales, inventory, VAT, value of inventory, etc. Gain insight into sales data and organize by category and product. Create an elaborative overview to base important business decisions on and to always know the exact state of your company. Detailed reports make it possible to accurately predict future happenings within the company. 

Get a detailed report of sales, VAT, and the overall statistics of units sold in just a few clicks. We’ve added a bunch of filtering options for companies to see exact statistics per category, date, and sales channel.

Stockpilots reporting software advantages

  • Detailed reports
  • Accurate revenue predictions
  • Complete overview of inventory value
  • Sales and VAT reports
  • Many categories and columns to filter between
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Sales reporting tool

A comprehensive report gives you instant insight into everything related to sales. See exact profit and revenue numbers. Filter by country, category, sales channel, or currency. Statistics of exchange rates are also available.

There is also a detailed overview of all units sold.

VAT reporting system

Stockpilot comes with the ability to create a VAT report of all orders which were registered with a VAT number. These can be filtered by date.

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