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Inventory management software

An innovative Inventory Management System

Make sure you’re always up-to-date on your supply levels, wherever and whenever. Whether it is for sale on Amazon or on your webshop. Gain insight into product management. Create custom bundles of items to offer. Gain a quick, simple and efficient overview of your current supply and an indication of how healthy and large it is for your specific business. Never miss out on potential sales again without the risk of over-purchasing.

Multi-channel management

Stockpilot makes managing individual sales channels very easy. With an extensive range of integrations, you can sell through the most used and well-known webshops and marketplaces. Manage product listings and easily export product information (sales price, commission, etc.) through XLSX. Enjoy automatic invoicing after order processing is done.
Handle orders from one place

A progressive Order Management System

Receive, process and ship all orders through our order management system. Stockpilot offers integrations with all major shipping partners. Create automatic shipping labels to streamline the logistics process. Manage returns of products in a convenient overview. Take advantage of the automatic support function to resolve errors and mistakes so every order runs as smoothly as possible. Invoices can be automatically sent to customers after the order has been processed.

In addition, you have the ability to create notes for internal company communication and you can send emails to customers.

Suppliers and product acquisition made easy

Stockpilot automatically creates purchasing orders based on previous sales data. Our smart AI carefully and accurately predicts future sales and ensures a well-stocked supply. Let Stockpilot do your work. Your company won’t run into any shortages and suppliers will always be able to do their job.

In addition, you will have all purchasing data in one place. Place orders and accurately monitor incoming order entries.

Shipping integrations

Shipping integration

Stockpilot offers direct integration with shipping labeling companies such as PostNL, DHL, MyParcel, Sendcloud and Bol.com – Create a shipping label within seconds and register Stockpilot’s order directly to the sales channel with an automatically generated track & trace code. Save time and money.

There is also the possibility to process multiple orders in large quantities. Print large amounts shipping labels at the time!

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Customer data

Create a detailed overview of all customer data. Create your own custom customer files and gain insight into the buying behaviour of consumers to increase conversion. Create groups to conveniently divide customers to provide insight into customer journeys per customer group.

It’s possible to contact customers through email or phone to offer new products, send coupon codes or provide direct customer service. Gain insight into personal sales history simply by clicking a customers name.

Insightful reports

The company’s important data in one place: sales, inventory, VAT, value of inventory, etc. Gain insight into sales data and organise by category and product. Create an elaborative overview to base important business decisions on and to always know the exact state of your company.

B2B Store-Front portal

Allow your b2b customers to log in through the Store-Front with their own customer data and customised prices. Orders from these customers will automatically be added to the rest of your orders to maintain a complete overview, while also offering an easy way to manage certain customers directly.b

Warehouse management software

Warehouse management systems

An easy-to-use and efficient warehouse management system containing all inventory levels, product info, reports, fulfilment of different sales channels and much more. Export any info in a well-structured Excel file. Gain insight into distribution centers and product information.

Stockpilot also offers a WMS called “Pick & Pack” – A module that ensures the workflow for the ‘Pickers’ who can easily find the requested products. The ‘packers’ will pack the products, print a shipping label and register the order through Stockpilot within seconds.

Forward orders through Amazon MCF

Use Amazon as your fulfilment partner. Automatically forward orders (if needed) from a sales channel to Amazon, through the Amazon MCF program. The perfect way to drastically cut your costs and ensures the best use of your entire inventory.

Thanks to Amazon MCF, you are able to ship fast and cheap everywhere in Europe or the United States!

Amazon MCF Support

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