The #1 purchasing management system for your company

Having a detailed overview of your company’s purchasing habits is crucial to be able to streamline the sales process. Stockpilot’s service comes with an integrated smart A.I. that supports your business with product purchases and purchasing management. In addition, the purchasing management software makes it easy to manage all multi-channels from one spot.

Stockpilot’s software automatically fills your shopping cart based on previous sales data. Our smart AI carefully and accurately predicts future sales and ensures a well-stocked supply. Let Stockpilot do your work for you. Your company won’t run into any shortages and suppliers will always be able to do their job. Save valuable time and money without taking any unnecessary risks.

Stockpilots advantages

  • The best purchasing management system on the market
  • Gain quick and easy-to-understand insight into purchasing management
  • Manage all your sales channels from one spot
  • Create personalized B2B portals
  • Ideal for both B2B and B2C
  • Ability to communicate internally with employees through notes

A direct link with your suppliers

A direct link and detailed overview per supplier are required to work efficiently. It’s also of great importance for purchase orders. Stockpilot comes with an integrated function which you can utilize to place a purchase order through a supplier, after which it gets automatically created and put into the database.

Personalized B2B store-front portal

B2B customers are often companies that buy a lot of products. Therefore, it’s important to offer companies the most optimal buying experience. Stockpilot offers an integration that allows your B2B customers to log in through their own portal with specific login credentials. Create customized prices and offers for your B2B customers. Orders from these customers will automatically be added to the rest of your orders to maintain a complete overview, while also offering an easy way to manage certain customers directly.

A direct connection and clear overview per supplier are necessary to work as efficiently as possible. This is also crucial with regard to purchase orders. Stockpilot offers an integrated function with which you can place a purchase order per supplier, after which it is automatically created.

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