Stockpilot’s warehouse management system combines all sales channels

Receiving and processing orders is the core of any business. Having all sales channels in one detailed overview is crucial. Stockpilot offers the ability to conveniently control and monitor all sales channels through a single dashboard. You’ll always have an up-to-date overview of all orders and everything can be processed quickly and easily. 

We offer a WMS (warehouse management system) and Pick & Pack module that ensures warehouse employees can quickly and easily find the products they need, after which the ‘packers’ pack the products, print a shipping label, and register the order. This is all easily managed through our Stockpilot warehouse management system. 

Stockpilots advantages

  • Process large orders in bulk
  • Always an up-to-date overview of orders
  • Unique Pick & Pack module 
  • The most complete WMS (warehouse management system)
  • Comes with automatic invoicing
  • Detailed overview of suppliers

Process large orders efficiënt

Using Stockpilot, you can process orders as efficiently as possible. With one simple click, you process a large number of orders and print shipping labels, regardless of which sales channel the orders come from. While processing an order, you have the option of automatically sending an invoice along with the order to the customer.

A detailed overview of suppliers

Suppliers are an essential part of any business. These are often external companies such as PostNL, DHL, etc. It is important to maintain a good relationship and have all the necessary info in one spot. Stockpilot offers the ideal system.

Adding suppliers to the system is fast and simple. In addition, you can create notes per supplier and create specific contacts. You have a clear overview of the suppliers’ contact data and their orders, which is a great way to check the current status.

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