Multi-channel order management software

Imagine having all your orders, regardless of sales channel, centrally displayed in one dashboard. With Stockpilot, this is not only possible, it’s effortless. Our multi-channel order management software provides you with a seamless, real-time overview of your orders, no matter where they come from.

Streamlined order processing across all platforms

Ever struggled to manage orders from multiple sales channels? With Stockpilot, all your orders are synchronised and displayed in a single dashboard. You can easily send them through your favorite shipping carrier—PostNL, Sendcloud, DHL, MyParcel, and more, including if you use it. Select your open orders, hit ship, and within a few steps, print labels and register the shipments across all channels. It’s that simple.

Benefits of using Stockpilot

Centralised order management

View and manage all orders from different sales channels in one place.

Integrated shipping

Send orders with your preferred shipping provider directly from the dashboard.

Tracking updates

Ensure tracking details are sent to all sales channels, completing orders with accurate tracking information.

Automatic invoicing

Optionally generate and send/upload invoices to customers upon order completion.

Batch processing

Increase efficiency by processing multiple orders at once, regardless the sales channel.

Real-time order updates

Keep track of order status changes in real-time, across all platforms.

Case management

Create a case when an item is out of stock. Warehouse teams can forward these cases internally for efficient communication with the support team and, if necessary, external communication with the customer.

Manual and B2B orders

Create orders by hand in our system and manage orders from your Stockpilot B2B portal in the same overview.

Forward orders

Send orders to Amazon MCF, benefiting from fast processing no matter your sales country!

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